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Orthodontic treatment is not just for children and adolescents – a great result can be achieved at any age!  In fact, one in every five orthodontic patients today is over the age of 21. Not only do they want to feel better about their appearance, but they understand the importance of maintaining good oral health.  With new technologies and materials, adult patients have even more options and flexibility to improve their self-confidence through straighter teeth and a beautiful smile.


Am I A Candidate For Adult Orthodontic Treatment?


Whether you have noticed your teeth are misaligned or your dentist has discussed with you the benefits of having orthodontic treatment, there are several things adult orthodontics can address:


  • Crowding

  • Spaces between teeth

  • Improving your bite so your teeth fit together correctly

  • Improving the ability of your dentist to restore missing teeth


Why Should I Consider Orthodontic Treatment?


Straight teeth not only look better, but they also mean healthier teeth. Overcrowded and crooked teeth are difficult to clean and maintain and, over time, this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, when your teeth are not in proper occlusion teeth this can contribute to abnormal wear of tooth structure and excessive stress on the supporting gums and bone. Treatment by an orthodontist can prevent long-term health issues and be less costly than the treatment that may be required later.


For most people however, a beautiful smile and increased self-confidence is the most obvious benefit of orthodontics.


Treatment Options for Adults


Metal braces are no longer the only option.  There are esthetic and comfortable alternatives to traditional metal braces which include clear/ceramic braces and transparent aligners (Invisalign).


Our practice recognizes that adults have different needs than children so we will work with you to find the best treatment for you. To learn more about the benefits of adult orthodontics, please contact our practice to schedule an appointment. We will work with you to make sure each office visit fits your busy schedule.


Invisalign Adult Braces from a Qualified Orthodontist in Knoxville


With more older patients wanting to correct their smiles, adult braces are becoming increasingly popular in many Knoxville orthodontist offices. One of the most well-known options is Invisalign clear aligners.

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